die Bioniker

Do you face a specific problem regarding the development of a new product or are you looking for creative input for your developments?

With the bionic approach, we show you a new way to find solutions and offer you our individual support for all project phases.
The range of service we offer includes all steps for successfully carrying out a bionic project.

The following points will be customized to your development:

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Scope of application

How can Nature help you?

Together with you, we focus on the
subjects in which you can still
learn something from nature.

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Looking into nature.

In an intensive Search we identify biological
models and thus make use of the design potential
developed in 3.8 billion years of evolution.

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From biology to technology.

First we analyze the underlying principles
and mechanisms of the biological models.
Then we translate from biology to technology.

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From ideas to products.

In dialogue with you, we develop innovative ideas for your
products on the basis of the identified biological principles –
Fascinating and performance driven at the same time!

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Biological models in a nutshell.

We document the identified biological models, ideas and
implementation concepts for you in a clear and understandable manner.
This way you will be able to learn from nature for future projects.