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Bionics Innovation Centre (B-I-C)

Bremen University of Applied Sciences, Bremen Besides educational support within the International Degree Programme of Bionics and the Master’s Degree Programme of Bionics / Locomotion in Fluids, the Institute’s core competences are within the fields of research and development, didactics and networking and in the interdisciplinary transfer between science and business. The B-I-C’s main research comprises the fields of Marine Bionics and biologically functional surfaces. more » B-I-C, Bremen University of Applied Sciences

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Darmstadt Bionik-Sigma offers courses and training for schools, lectures for companies and author events concerning bionics. At their events, Sigrid Belzer and Martin Zeuch give an impression of the fascinating world of bionics. more » Bionik-Sigma

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Ideenouveau.de — integrate your ideas

Neuss Ideenouveau illustrates paths to innovative ideas! How can ideas be advocated and further developed by the use of simple means? Approaches towards an efficient development of ideas are depicted in a vivid way. Ideenouveau is aimed to all those who shape their lives actively. more » ideenouveau

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William Thielicke (Dipl. Biol.)

Bremen Postgraduate at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and assistant professor at Bremen University of Applied Sciences. In his spare time, he creates images that help explain biological phenomena, designs his own robots and tricopters and develops a computer programme to analyze flow patterns (PIV). more » William Thielicke Website

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